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3.5" two-sided sponge file (4)
4 sponge files that are coarse on one side and fine on the other, uses include toes nails, removing stain and filing off artificial enhancements and more. These files last a very long time.
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No Bite Formula
Stop nail biting! No Bite formula helps deter nail biting because of its bitter taste. Also helps to stop thumb sucking.
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Gel remover foil wraps
Save money and damage to your nails by doing it yourself. Remove gel polish with this foil wrap with a cotton pad included, Pour a small amount of acetone (acetone not included) onto the pad, Make sure the pad covers the entire nail. •Wrap the foil around the finger tightly so that the pad is firmly touching the nail. Leave it in place for 10-12 minutes, Carefully remove the foil from the finger. •Remove the foil and pad from the nail, Clean off any remaining product. 90 pcs
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UV Gel polish remover pretreated packets
Save money and damage by doing it yourself. This is a handy way to remove gel polish. Each pad is pre-treated with acetone. Simply slide your finger in the packet and wait about 10 minutes. Then remove the softened gel polish. Contains 100 pcs / Box
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Glass File
Files nails smooth leaving the edge sealed and unfrayed. Etched glass doesn't wear down like ordinary files.
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Pink File
This file is fine enough to produce a super smooth finish. Its shape allows it to be used on top of the nail to smooth and remove cuticle and stains.
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Polish Bottle Holder
Everybody needs this! Bottle Holder for 1/2 oz. bottle or Glue. Holds at a slight angle and reduces spills Makes it possible to use the last drop. Made with heavy duty Rubber. Polish not included.
Price: $ Stock #: PBH2.95