Strong nails from the inside and outside

It's fall again, the cold weather brings dry skin, hair and nails, ugh! Attack it from the inside

So, what are we going to do about that?
I think we'd all like to soak our whole bodies in a vat of warm botanical lotion. Yum, sounds heavenly.  We are constantly spreading a smorgasbord of products on ourselves and hoping for the best. No doubt that it's helpful but maybe we should also attack the issue from the inside as well.
Allow me to introduce M.D APOTHECARY for strong nails with additional benefits to your skin and hair.
I did extensive research to find this product, I was looking for one that offered all the benefits of major brands and more.  I learned that M.D APOTHECARY was developed by a hand surgeon. This product has ingredients that we all know and need for strong nails but don't get enough of in our daily diet.  M.D APOTHECARY contains Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamins A, D3, and B12 along with Horsetail grass, Saw Palmetto and more.

Prepare your nails for winter, Attack it from the outside

The cold air outside and the heated air inside is tough on your nails.  
I like to compare our nails to a wood board, you know a piece of lumber. Both are made of layers that react to the elements.  If we leave an unpainted board out in the rain and sun, then it absorbs water, dehydrates then warps, splinters and weakens.  The roots of a tree provide nutrients to its branches, leaves and bark, but once it is cut down and made into a board, the roots have no more input on the boards condition. Once the board is damaged there is no way for the board to be repaired, it must be replaced . Hopefully we would replace it with a stronger product that has been treated with stain, sealer, wax, oil, or whatever gives us the desired effect and it will be stronger, last longer and look more attractive. 
Likewise, our nails are formed in the matrix, the area under the skin at the back of our nails. Once it has become visible to our eyes, it is no longer a living product. It doesn't need to breath and nothing you do to it will make it have a different chemical make up. At this point the best we can do is take care of our "board".
So, how do we make a stronger nail from the outside?
The key elements for a strong nail are: 
Take a dietary supplement and eat a balanced diet. 
Try M.D APOTHOCARY, Strong Nails.
File with a very fine file. 
Cut a board with a coarse saw blade, it will peel splinter and be weak.    
Try any of our files because they are all very fine.   
Moisturize with oil or cream.
If its dry it will peel splinter and be weak.
Try our Cuticle Cream or Cuticle Oil or both.
Protect it with nail strengthener or polish (even clear).
If it's not protected it will peel splinter and be weak.
Try our Elasticoat or French manicure or both.
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