What starts peeling and splitting? Using the wrong file.

Its like cutting a thin board with a concrete blade on the saw, it splinters because it is too coarse for the wood.

This file is soft enough to leave a very fine smooth edge but strong enough to take down length and shape.

The shape of the file lets you put the angled corners in different places on the nail. Use the point to easily file the excess cuticle off the top of your nail at the base. You can also use the file on top of your nails to take off stain and ridges, it's "that" soft yet effective.

You will LOVE this file and want more than one.
Pink File
This file is fine enough to produce a super smooth finish. Its shape allows it to be used on top of the nail to smooth and remove cuticle and stains.
Price: $ Stock #: PF595

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Man Made Crystal Stone
used to shape and seal the edge of the nail and rounded point to clean the cuticle. Our nails grow in layers, just like our skin. Using emory boards and metal files leave the end of the nail frayed because they are too coarse. When exposed to water and chemicals, they are absorbed between the layers which causes cracking, splitting and peeling. This stone does not wear down like ordinary files, so it last.
Crystal Stone
Price: $ Stock #: 205

Glass File
Files nails smooth leaving the edge sealed and unfrayed with fine etched glass Has rounded point and edges for working cuticles. Assorted colors.
5 1/2 Inch.

Glass File
Price: $ Stock #: GF795
Our Pads and Unique Crystal Stone are of the highest quality.

They are made to last a very long time, however need to be washed regularly. Natural oils from your hands and nails get on the pads and diminish their effectiveness. Just wash them in soap and water.

See our Nail Care System
#1 Clean Pad: Removes ridges and stains.

#2 Condition Pad: Stimulates circulation and brings up the natural oils to the surface.

#3 Shine Pad: Uses the natural oils in the nail to produce a high gloss shine that protects and seals your natural nail.
Set of 3 pads
Price: $ Stock #: 204
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Our #1, #2 & #3 Pads are high quality fabric and are much finer than any emory board or file. They last a very long time. USA
One Pad
Price: $ Stock #: 601
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